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PSE CONSULTANTS LIMITED was established in 1984 in Nigeria, as a private limited company with the aim of providing quality consultancy services to clients. In the eighteen years of its corporate existence, the firm has remained a major provider of specialized consultancy services to both public and private clients.

PSE is a firm of Consulting Engineers, which provides a broad range of engineering consultancy services primarily in the fields of Water Resources, Urban & Industrial Development and Transportation. 

PSE is leveraging its twenty three years experience in engineering consultancy and its existing organizational infrastructure in Nigeria to expand into the Oil and Gas sector. From 2006 PSE has been increasingly improving its capacity for participation in the Oil and Gas sector, through refocusing of the company and developing partnerships with reputable Oil and Gas Engineering companies to offer quality service to the sector.

Local experience and good infrastructure are two prerequisite factors to succeed in Nigeria’s Oil and Gas operating environment.  

In the area of Oil and Gas special emphasis is given to Pipelines, Production Distribution Systems, Tank Farms, Foundations, Risers and Environmental studies. 

In the area of Water Resources, special emphasis is given to Water Resources Planning, Surface and Groundwater Exploitation, Water Supply and Sanitation, Water Distribution Systems, Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Control Works.  

In the area of Transportation Engineering emphasis is on Airports Planning and Development, Highways and Bridges Studies as well as Waterways, Ports and Jetties.